A Quick Look: Donut Bar's Creations

By Darlene Horn  |  December 17, 2013
Credit: Darlene Horn

Donut Bar is renowned for both the high-caliber ingredients used in all their pastries and their daily variety of donuts. Co-owner Santiago Campa's mission is to reinvent the classics and he's done it with amazing results - people line up every morning for a taste and inventory tends to sell out by noon. Here's a look at a few of his creations.

  • Named after Brad Pitt, the Brad Fritter is based on a regular apple fritter but topped with crumbled bacon and caramel drizzle as requested by the actor himself. 

  • The festive Chocolate Sprinkle donut will satisfy any chocolate fiend. This cake donut is topped with decadent icing and decorated with white snowflake sprinkles. 

  • Unlike childhood playground experiments, the Mud Pie donut is completely edible. Chocolate fudge icing, peanut butter and marshmallow drizzle, crushed Oreo cookies and salted peanuts on a plain raised donut speaks to the kid in all of us.

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    Among the donuts on regular rotation is the Red Velvet (left) and Butterfinger. While other donut shops may use food coloring, Donut Bar uses beet juice in the cake donut base. The hand-chopped Butterfinger pieces on top bring home this donut's memorable flavor.

  • The Vanilla Bean donut may look simple, but the Madagascar vanilla beans used in the glaze elevate the flavor to new heights.

  • Nutella fans will agree that this raised donut topped with Nutella icing and crushed hazelnuts is winner.