Check Out Hammond’s Ingenious Ice Cream Flight

By Darlene Horn  |  June 18, 2014
Credit: Darlene Horn


At the recently opened Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream in North Park, there are 32 flavors to choose from on any given day. Taste your way through spicy ginger cream (with or without white chocolate), coffee-flavored Kohala Road, luscious toasted coconut (pictured on the right), exotic Hawaiian-flavored poha berry and the already popular salted caramel. All of the flavors are imported from Tropical Dreams in Hawaii. The creamy, dense, super-premium ice cream is made with 18% butterfat, uses at least 50% local Hawaiian ingredients and is stamped with the state’s official seal of quality.

When the time comes to chose one or two flavors and indecision hits, they also have an ingenious ice cream flight. You can choose from three to six flavors, presented as baby-sized balls of ice cream on miniature cake cones standing upright in a cone holder. Ice cream snobs will appreciate that fruity non-fat sorbets like mango, passion fruit or raspberry don't intermingle with the richer flavors like Kona coffee or peanut butter brownie. What started off as co-owner Ryan Hammond's idea of mini-scoops meant for kids has quickly turned into one of the shop’s hottest must-order items.

Along with Hammond's other co-owners Trang Hammond (Ryan’s wife) and Dan Szpak, they’re seeing ice cream fly out of their display cases much quicker than any of them ever imagined. Look for shakes and ice cream sandwiches to potentially come on the the menu soon too. 3077 University Ave.; 619-220-0231