Grant Grill Shakes Up Throwback Cocktails

By Darlene Horn  |  June 4, 2014
Credit: Darlene Horn

Grant Grill, housed on the first floor of The US Grant, is the last place you'd expect to find piña coladas, Long Island iced teas and tequila sunrises. These cocktails have a flashy past but they're not necessarily an appropriate drink for this historic setting. Head mixologist Jeff Josenhans disagrees. He recently revived all three of these retro drinks as “Super Throwbacks.” Released last week, the re-imagined cocktails incorporate unlikely ingredients like superfruits and even vegetables. Here’s a rundown of all three:

Piña Colada (pictured in the middle) - This cocktail starts off with shellback rum infused with banana peels which are steeped for 10 days. Parrot Bay, raw pineapple juice and camu camu agave are mixed with the infused rum and topped with frothy egg white foam in a dainty champagne glass. At first we missed the expected coconut milk and umbrella but the drink's perfectly refreshing medley of tropical flavors actually trumps the classic, making it our favorite of all the new drinks. 

Big Island Iced Tea (pictured on the far right) - The secret ingredient here is miracle fruit cane sugar syrup. The syrup sweetens up the drink's mixture of Cointreau, Mt. Gay Black Barrel Rum, New Amsterdam Vodka, Ballast Point Gin, Dickel White Whisky and hibiscus flower tea. The regal, deep maroon cocktail and beautiful flower adornment belie the drink's serious, boozy punch. It's dangerously addictive too: the sweetener gets more intense with each sip. 

Tequila Sunrise (pictured on the far left) - The dark red syrup here is from a splash of housemade raw beet grenadine. Yes, beets. But don't worry, there's no overwhelming vegetable flavor here. The rest of the cocktail includes key lime juice and Camarena tequila infused with golden berries poured over ice. A raw mango sliver sits on the edge of the cup. The tart citrus balances with beets and tequila to great effect.

Go and try the new drinks from 4 PM to close, daily at Grant Grill. 326 Broadway; 619-744-2077