Here's a Look at Every Single Taco on the Menu at Galaxy Taco

By Darlene Horn  |  July 29, 2015

If Galaxy Taco seems too far off from Trey Foshee’s universe, think again. This newest venture for Foshee aims to cater to La Jolla locals looking for tacos. It’s a big commitment for this chef most known for George’s at the Cove, an elegant, long-standing restaurant focusing on California cuisine. But he assures curious diners and local scene watchers that this foray into casual dining also serves great tacos.


“The place may not be serious,” Foshee adds, “[but] I take the products and execution of the food very seriously.” And it’s evident in the restaurant’s tortillas. Foshee put extensive research into finding the perfect tortilla and even more time on the ingredients before settling down with non-GMO corn sourced from Mexico by Masienda. And to prove they’re serious about the whole tortilla-making process, the kitchen churns them out daily on a $10,000 custom masa grinder.

Tacos only make up about one-third of the menu with small dishes like shrimp ceviche, seafood cocktail, queso fundido and entrees (served after 4 PM) filling out the rest. But it's the tacos that make the biggest impression, each uniquely different from the other. While Foshee admits there’s not one taco that he wants diners to try over other, he thinks there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a look all nine of their tacos priced at either $5 or $6, including one topped with uni.

2259 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla; 858-228-5655

  • If you like carne asada, this version will hit the spot. It's the spiciest of the all tacos and gets its kick from smoked bone marrow–salsa macha, plus toppings of cilantro, guacamole and onion.

  • California's premiere green fruit gets an upgrade when it's grilled for Foshee's avocado taco. Every bite is packed with chopped avo and a creamy corn salad that's heightened with a squeeze of lime. Bean purée grounds the bright flavors.

  • Chicken just isn’t chicken at Galaxy Taco. Here, the poultry is dressed with adobo seasoning that’s lightened with the addition cucumber and cilantro. A dollop of crema adds another level of richness to the package.

  • The main star of the Baja fried fish taco ($5) is tilapia that’s lightly breaded. Julienned radishes add crunch while the rest of the ingredients (cabbage and pico de gallo) are the standard fish taco filling.

  • For another seafood-forward taco, try the grilled fish. The kitchen switches to local yellowtail for this version and tops it with cabbage, cilantro, pico de gallo and a refreshing pineapple-jalapeño salsa. Add uni for an additional $3 (pictured).

  • The gamey flavor in the lamb barbacoa taco gets a welcome hit of creaminess from yogurt and a tomato-mint salsa.

  • Don’t pass up the lengua taco. Salsa verde and the charred onion salsa highlight the tender meat.

  • The potato taco shares the spotlight with kale. Here, the kitchen uses the leafy veg two ways: cooked with the spuds and again as an edible fried garnish on top. Green chorizo spice and queso fresco make the flavors sing.

  • Credit: Darlene Horn

    The menu doesn’t list the Tacolandia’s ingredients, but if you like pork, it’s a must-order. Tender sliced pork shoulder and crunchy fried pork ear are paired with cabbage and cilantro.