Queenstown Public House’s Well-Balanced Burger

By Darlene Horn  |  June 6, 2014
Credit: Darlene Horn

New Zealand isn’t known for its burgers. But at Little Italy’s Queenstown Public House, a Kiwi-inspired restaurant, a majority of the entrées focus on sandwiches with an occasional rack of lamb, grilled steak and fish n’ chips thrown in. While the sandwiches sport diverse fillings such as lamb, chicken, duck, ahi or even boar, it's their basic cheeseburger that recently earned the honor of named "Queenstown Favorite" - and for good reason. 

The burger is a hand-formed patty, grilled and topped with Edam cheese - a cheese of Dutch origins but found on most burgers in Queenstown. The delicate, melty cheese and herb-flecked, toasted focaccia bun enhance and complement the organic grass-fed beef. No one flavor outshines the other, resulting in one big satisfying bite after the next. A sliced tomato and green lettuce add nothing more than roughage and color to the sandwich - so you can take that or leave it. The well-balanced burger holds its own, regardless. We feel the same way about the small container of roasted corn served on the side. Even without fries - which you can order a la carte, by the way: either thick, fatty fries or matchstick - this burger deserves its name. 1557 Columbia St., 619-546-0444