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Roppongi’s Steak and Fries Sushi is a Classic in the Making

By Darlene Horn  |  August 20, 2014
Credit: Darlene Horn

Steak and fries is a classic pairing found in American, French and Belgium cuisines but when you take Kobe beef and mix it up with sushi, the dish transcends to a new level. The whole menu at La Jolla’s Roppongi aims to redefine well-known dishes with an Asian-bent. Look for pepperjack stuffed quesadillas with duck confit and Mongolian sauce. And even the ubiquitous onion ring gets a facelift seasoned with sichimi spice and wasabi garlic aioli for your dipping pleasure. But one prime example of East meets West sensibility is the restaurant’s steak and fries roll. It starts with sushi rice rolled up with crisp asparagus and crab. Prime cuts of Kobe beef are lightly seared and topping the roll along with smoked lomi lomi tomatoes and freshly fried potato sticks. Separately, they’re top-notch ingredients demanding equal spot on any plate but rolled up into a sushi roll equals sublime bites that you’ll relish until the final piece. 875 Prospect, La Jolla; 858-551-5252