San Diego's Coolest Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Darlene Horn  |  June 24, 2014
Credit: The Baked Bear

San Diego's infatuation with ice cream sandwiches knows no boundaries. During your Best Summer Ever, you can dig into scoops wrapped in cookies, waffles and even brownies. But you can’t find these delicious creations at any old ice cream shop. Here are four very special places where you'll find the city's best ice cream sandwiches.

Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches at The Baked Bear
The whole gist behind this Pacific Beach shop is customizable ice cream sandwiches. Brownies, waffles and a wide selection of cookies like red velvet, gluten-free chocolate chip and peanut butter are baked on-site and sandwiched around ice cream shipped in from Blue Bunny. Talk yourself into the Baked Bear Double Decker: an ice-cream-and-cookie sandwich with a brownie tucked into its middle.
4516 Mission Blvd., Ste. C; 858-886-7433

Buñuelo Ice Cream Sandwich at Puesto
Donut Bar teams up with Puesto to create a buñuelo ice cream sandwich. Cinnamon-and-sugar-coated tortilla crisps are filled with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream. It’s finished with a sublime coconut-chocolate drizzle and a sprinkling of chocolate curls. Find this at both Puesto locations.
789 W. Harbor Dr., 619-233-88880; 1026 Wall St., La Jolla, 858-454-1260


Hot Waffle Sandwich at Lighthouse Ice Cream
This ice cream palace's signature hot waffle ice cream sandwich (pictured above) beckons from the beach. A plain, chocolate, blueberry or apple-cinnamon waffle is reheated on a griddle and filled with your choice of premium ice cream from Double Rainbow or Cascade Glacier. The hot waffle and cold ice cream meld into one cohesive dessert that squishes down fit into any size mouth.
5059 Newport Ave. #102; 619-222-8600

Ice Cream Sandwich at Mr. Frostie
Ice cream sandwiches go old-school at this Pacific Beach institution that has been faithfully serving frosty desserts since 1949. On any given summer day, crowds line up for cherry-dipped cones, shakes and sundaes. The ice cream sandwiches are made by filling two chocolate wafer cookies with either strawberry, chocolate or vanilla soft serve.
1470 Garnet Ave.; 858-274-9977