Tocumbo’s Diablito, a Spicy Mexican Sweet

By Darlene Horn  |  June 26, 2014
Credit: Darlene Horn

Daredevils looking for the next adventure in eating will appreciate Tocombo, a Mexican ice cream parlor, serving the best diablito this side of the border. This little devil is a one-cup wonder: scoops of housemade lime or mango sorbet, covered with a brilliant red chamoy sauce, made from chile-seasoned brined and liquefied fruit. The whole creation is sprinkled with extra chili powder and served with a tamarindo stick plunged into the sorbet. Its icy, tart, spicy and sour flavors feel especially appropriate in the summer, when lines circle around the block. Chew on the tamarind stick between spoons of spiked sorbet or savor it all at the end. For adventurous eaters, the diablito will be the start of a lifelong obsession.

4686 Market St. B7; 619-264-0391
1900 Main St.; 619-230-0391
1172 3rd Ave., Chula Vista; 619-476-4444