$10 Lunch: Alambres at La Ciudad de Mexico

By Tamara Palmer  |  March 4, 2014
Credit: Tamara Palmer

La Ciudad de Mexico is a tiny takeout spot in the Richmond District that, as its name suggests, specializes in dishes from Mexico City. The cornerstones of the menu are tortas, or sandwiches, and alambres, a griddle-fried blend of bacon, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, protein and an optional addition of cheese that gives the dish some wiry strings (alambre means wire in Spanish). It's served with rice, beans and a stack of 10 small warm corn tortillas on the side - a DIY take on tacos that helps minimize soggy bites. It's also very filling, especially if you cram those tortillas full. The base price is $7.75, which includes your choice of meat such as chorizo, chicken or beef. You can also add a few dozen little shrimp - which are steamed to the perfect, not-tough consistency - for an extra $2.