1058 Hoagie Turns Into Rye Project This Month

By Virginia Miller  |  June 2, 2014
Credit: Adam Mesnick

Projected to launch in late June, Adam Mesnick of Deli Board and 1058 Hoagie is changing 1058 Hoagie to Rye Project, a Jewish-style deli that has been in pop-up mode on Thursdays and harkens back to his Jewish roots in Cleveland.

We chatted with Mesnick this weekend and he says this changeover will be "an ode to Jewish delis done in a completely different way," ("new-ish deli" is their tagline). He notes: "Five years ago when I started catering, this was my first menu idea and now... I am finally at the place where I'm comfortable with the product I can bring in." They will be making all sauces and soups in-house, sourcing meats, bread and pickles from various national sources, and, best of all, serving Jewish deli specials like pastrami, corned beef, smoked fish and bagels (shipped from New York) with cream cheese. There will be no pork or bacon - they won't be 100% kosher but leaning that direction - and he's talking about sharing recipes like his mom's matzo ball soup as one of a number of rotating specials ("We will revolve around specials,"), among other items we can't wait to see, like blintzes in the form of blintz soufflé.

Initial hours will be Monday-Friday, 11 AM-3 PM, with late June the projected change-over timeframe. Deli Board will continue to be the source for Mesnick's beloved sandwiches, now with expanded hours starting June 6th (Monday-Thursday 11 AM-4 PM, Friday-Saturday, 11 AM-7 PM).

180 7th St., 415-552-8984