5 Cult-Followed Dishes Served Only on Tuesdays

By Tamara Palmer  |  January 21, 2014
Credit: Flickr/hartsell

The next time you suffer through another random Tuesday, remember that there are some truly awesome Tuesday-only menu specials out there. And this is not a post about Taco Tuesdays. Take note of these limited-edition dishes and mark your calendar accordingly.  

Hamburger at Rosamunde Sausage Grill

The Tuesday-only, off-menu burger at this sausage spot in the Lower Haight has been a secret for years and it still draws a big line on Haight Street each Tuesday afternoon by around 11 AM. The burger, which shares cooking space with the sausages, yields an incomparable char-grilled, meat-filled flavor.

Smokehouse Cuban sandwich at Memphis Minnie's

If you get shut out at Rosamunde across the street, mosey over to this barbecue joint for a gluttonous American take on the classic Cuban, made with brined and smoked pork loin, thick house-cured and smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, pickles and spicy mustard. 

Pastrami burger at Wise Sons Deli

Thrillist calls Wise Sons' weekly Ferry Plaza Farmers Market special a "traditional Jewish deli in a burger." Addictive pastrami is mixed into the burger patty and served up on a comforting challah bun. You should also show up early for this one. Otherwise, be ready for lines by noon.

Dollar oysters at Woodhouse Fish Co

One of the more buttoned-up dollar oyster options in town takes place at both Woodhouse locations. It's particularly civilized because the promotion runs all day and does not conform to the happy hour timeframe, so you can supplement your lunch with some buck bivalves (the type changes frequently) or have them as a post-dinner snack.

Honorable mention: Nepalese food at Curry Without Worry

Every Tuesday at 4:30 PM in Civic Center Plaza, the nonprofit serves 250 free meals to anyone who is hungry. We include this effort to raise awareness of an organization that has served more than 100,000 free meals to date and can use extra public support.