Hipster Dining and Drinking Survival Guide

By Tamara Palmer  |  November 11, 2013
Credit: Chambers

It seems as though hipsters are everywhere, but it's a title that few want to claim. Instead, it's become more fun and even a sport to make fun of hipsters in all their enthusiastic glory. Want to dine like a hipster? Follow our guide, pick your cliché, have fun and remember not to take anything too seriously.

  • Mojo Bicycle Cafe

    A bike, preferably with fixed gear, is one of the most universal hipster stereotypes in San Francisco. If you need a bike to take to pop-up dinners around town, you can get or service one here and enjoy weekly appearances from popular roaming vendors Rice Paper Scissors and Wes Burger. Can you say winning?

    639 Divisadero St.; 415-440-2370

  • The Brixton

    Music is an essential hipster fashion accessory. So if you're dining in the Marina, it's surely best to scarf down pub food under the shadow of David Bowie and the Clash posters in a joint named after a veteran British concert venue.

    2140 Union St.; 415-409-1114

  • Trick Dog

    Not enough old-timeyness in your life? They're partying like it's 1899 out at this Mission watering hole, where the hamburgers come in hot dog buns (aka the Trick Dog) and the cocktails are lovingly massaged by hand.

    3010 20th St.; 415-471-2999

  • Straw

    Wax your mustache and make sure your suspenders are snappy before sidling up to Straw for donut burgers, cheesy tots and other shock foods. These ideas are bad for any diet, but indulge the carnival fantasy that the owners intended to conjure up.

    203 Octavia Blvd.; 415-431-3663

  • Chambers

    No self-respecting hipster would listen to anything besides vinyl. So they'd feel right at home eating with the record-lined walls and DJs at Chambers. Outside you'll find one of the city's few pools, which frankly isn't really impressive at all except in an ironic hipster way.

    601 Eddy St.; 415-829-2316

  • Credit: Joshua Lurie


    Hipsters love to think they're the only ones who get a reference, so there's something funny about the off-the-hook success of this bar and snack shack named after Will Ferrell's character in Talladega Nights. Oh, and there's no telephone number here, and that's pretty hip as well.

    400 Haight St.

  • Red Door Cafe

    From the time you stroll up to the front door here, you will be warned of various infractions that will get you kicked out of the restaurant, including lack of smiles and wearing sunglasses. Nothing thrills a hipster more than the air of exclusivity, and this place has a reputation for being quite selective.

    1608 Bush St.; 415-441-1564

  • State Bird Provisions

    Speaking of exclusivity: You want to eat here some time soon without waiting in line? Nope, that's not going to happen. Pro tip: watch the website for future reservation opportunities, and be flexible about when you can dine in the next few months. It's worth the hassle. Your calendar? You'll want to put the Bird on it.

    1529 Fillmore St.; 415-795-1272