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Brilliant or Crazy: Lobster Burger at Epic Roasthouse

By Tamara Palmer  |  January 28, 2014
Credit: Tamara Palmer

Waterbar executive chef Parke Ulrich is newly in charge of sister restaurant Epic Roasthouse as well. In redoing the Epic menu, he's accidentally started offering the ultimate in surf and turf, a Wagyu beef burger topped with half of a lobster ($40). We recently braved this crime against our cholesterol levels and can safely report back on all the important details. 

The beef for the burger comes from cattle raised by Clydene Bultman at Thompson River Ranch in Montana (a charming menu detail) and costs $15 on its own. The lobster comes straight from Maine. Yes, the add-on options listed directly under the burger on the menu only include aged cheddar, blue cheese and bacon but if you get creative and look below the entrees section of the menu, you'll spy another list of luxury add-ons like a half Maine lobster ($25) and Dungeness crab or grilled shrimp (each $18). Could we add one of those to the burger, we wondered? The short answer: The restaurant probably doesn't want cronut-style lines forming for the lobster-Wagyu creation, but they're definitely open to diners trying it out.

The craziness of it all called to mind San Francisco's reigning expensive burger, the black truffle-drenched Rossini at Burger Bar, which costs $75. Epic's is a larger patty with richer flavor, a nice and soft brioche bun and impossibly buttery lobster — even though not one drop of butter is added. It would be really hard to eat without help and is best split with the table. When you savor a smaller amount, it's easy to appreciate the delicate balance of the meat's char with the deep flavor of the lobster. It left us all in a dizzy state of bliss for the rest of the day.

What do you think - brilliant or crazy? Would you order a lobster-topped Wagyu burger for $40? Let us know in the comments.