Best Thing We Ate

Mexican Pizza Bakes Up in the Sunset

By Tamara Palmer  |  April 15, 2014

Milano Pizzeria had a total redo at the end of last year and the ownership and menu change has upset some Inner Sunset neighbors who were used to popping in for their usual pepperoni and cheese pies. But the neighborhood offers an abundance of places with such choices - including Pasquale's Pizza, Villa Romana and Cybelle's - so it's worth checking Milano out for some of its experiments. The most craveable current addition is the Chorizo Pie ($16 small/$21 large), a bubbly and puffy thick crust that's topped with mozzarella, queso fresco, roasted jalapeno peppers, pico de gallo and chorizo. If the words 'Mexican pizza' make you think of those horrible, brittle pucks at Taco Bell, this will be an extra pleasant surprise. The sausage is wonderfully crumbly and spicy and the mozzarella and queso fresco melt together into an awesome hybrid cheese that's both soft and chewy. The salsa and jalapenos round out a true nod to nachos in festive pizza form. This is the kind of fusion we could get used to. 1330 Ninth Avenue; 415-665-3777.