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Pressed Juicery Debuts Soft Serve-Juice Hybrid

By Virginia Miller  |  June 26, 2014

The Gist: California cold pressed juice chain, Pressed Juicery, debuted a brand new product called Freeze on June 21 at the Palo Alto store. Think of it as soft-serve meets cold pressed juice. Made entirely of fruits, vegetables and nuts, you can lump all of these words into Freeze: vegan, gluten and dairy-free. Perhaps a cleanse based around this frozen treat isn't too far off.

Flavors: The soft serve-juice hybrid comes in six flavors based off of Pressed Juicery’s signature juices: greens, citrus, fruit, roots, vanilla- or chocolate-almond freeze. There are also "guilt-free" toppings, like coconut shavings, granola, goji berries, almond butter drizzle and nuts.

Where:  Initially, it's available only at the Stanford Shopping Center Pressed Juicery, but will eventually hit other stores from NorCal to SoCal. 660 Stanford Shopping Center Suite #230, Palo Alto; 650-329-1450