SF's 8 Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts

By Tamara Palmer  |  April 14, 2014
Credit: Ritz-Carlton

Even in its most basic form, chocolate is one of the most pleasing words in the English language. An already exciting ingredient is almost too much to handle once it meets the boundless imaginations of San Francisco chefs. But we trust you can take these incredibly decadent chocolate desserts. Peruse our picks for SF's eight most decadent chocolate desserts and share your favorite chocolate dessert in the comments.

  • Credit: Tamara Palmer

    Snacking Cake at Charles Chocolates 

    Why We Love It: Chuck Siegel translates the memory of a snacking cake he had as a kid at summer camp into this insanely rich tower. The cake is a cross between chocolate pound cake and a brownie, the layers stuck together with creamy espresso ganache. He has a disdain for $10 desserts, so he made this one of the best values in the city.

    Price: $5

    535 Florida St.; 415-659-8770

  • Credit: Chile Pies and Ice Cream

    Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie at Chile Pies and Ice Cream

    Why We Love It: This is a worthy adversary even for a chocoholic, a regular pecan pie taken up about a thousand notches. Chunks of dark chocolate hide in between the cracks of this cinnamon-dusted beauty.

    Price: $5 slice/$30 whole

    601 Baker St., 415-614-9411; 314 Church St., 415-431-9411

  • Credit: Baker & Banker

    XXX at Baker & Banker

    Why We Love It: Lori Baker's notorious triple dark-chocolate cake is an almost illicit fantasy. It's very hard to decide which layer is most enticing: chocolate ganache-covered devil's food cake, chocolate cheesecake or flourless chocolate cake.

    Price: $10 slice/$36 whole

    1701 Octavia St.; 415-351-2500

  • Credit: Tamara Palmer

    Chocolate Carré at Trace

    Why We Love It: Good things come in small packages, and this diminutive delight is a great example. Pastry chef Jozephene Gutierrez is in love with the richness of her creamy chocolate custard, which sits on top of a baked ganache with graham-cracker crust. It is served with Marcona almonds and fleur de sel caramel ice cream.

    Price: $9.50

    181 Third St.; 415-817-7836

  • Credit: Ritz-Carlton

    The Cake at Ritz-Carlton Hotel

    Why We Love It: A tiny slice of this Grand Marnier-spiked and orange-accented Valrhona chocolate cake goes a very long way. The result of a company-wide contest among its pastry chefs, The Cake is now available across all Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide. The Grand Marnier is a tribute to the friend of hotelier César Ritz, who made the liqueur and loaned Ritz the money to start his empire.

    Price: $10 slice/$40 whole

    600 Stockton St.; 415-296-7645

  • Credit: Tamara Palmer

    Donut Bread Pudding at Frozen Kuhsterd

    Why We Love It: Cookie-butter frozen custard, caramel and chocolate sauce are combined with a bread pudding made of mixed Dynamo Donuts in this food-truck special. The chocolate spice donut dominates the cup and soaks up all the sweet goodness.

    Price: $6

    Roaming locations; 415-371-9050

  • Credit: Flickr/La Cocina

    Chocolate Babka at Wise Sons Delicatessen

    Why We Love It: Sightings of the Jewish yeast cake are rare on this coast. Evan Bloom and Leo Beckerman adapt theirs for San Francisco palates by using rich Guittard chocolate and lots of butter. Multiple layers mean even a tiny bite is ultrasatisfying.

    Price: $3.25 slice/$9.25 half-loaf

    3150 24th St., 415-787-3354; 736 Mission St., 415-655-7887

  • Credit: Craftsman and Wolves

    Devil Inside at Craftsman and Wolves

    Why We Love It: Named after an INXS song from the 80s, this seemingly angelic cake used to contain a surprise filling of foie gras. Now that this ingredient has been banned in California, the chocolate-almond cake now has a soft chocolate center. It's a little less evil now, but still the best kind of challenge to finish.

    Price: $8

    746 Valencia St.; 415-913-7713