Souper Bowl: 8 Warming Autumnal Soups

By Tamara Palmer  |  October 22, 2013
Credit: Anne-Claire Thieulon Dolan

Forget cream of mushroom or chicken noodle, these restaurants are taking soup to new heights of creativity right now, just in time for autumn. Peruse these beautiful Bay Area bowls to discover how chefs are using ingredients as unlikely as marshmallow, nasturtium and brown sugar-cured beef in the mix. Spoon 'em up while they last.

  • White River Soup at Fang

    Chef Kathy Fang sources a daily fresh whole fish such as tilapia or striped bass for her White River Soup, simmered with daikon, peanuts, scallions, wontons and rice noodles.

    660 Howard Street; 415-777-8568

  • Credit: Anne-Claire Thieulon Dolan

    Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup at Twenty Five Lusk

    Saffron mixed with red pepper and sweet potato gives this soup its unusual and striking hue. Roasted shishito peppers give it kick and edible nasturtium flowers a bit of spice.

    25 Lusk Street; 415-495-5875

  • Credit: Ryan Linden

    Cauliflower Soup at Maven

    Chef and partner Isaac Miller offers a deeply flavorful cauliflower soup with persillade, Meyer lemon confit, roasted cippollini onions and Roederer champagne-plumped golden raisins. It's all poured over rye bread croutons cooked in brown butter.

    598 Haight Street; 415-829-7982

  • Vegetarian Longevity Soup at M.Y. China

    Seeking long life in a bowl? Look no further than Martin Yan's vegetarian longevity soup of wild seasonal mushrooms, braised tofu and Sichuan pickled vegetables.

    845 Market Street; 415-580-3001

  • Butternut and Beef Soup at Alexander's Steakhouse

    Chef Marc Zimmerman offers an unexpected twist on a vegetarian classic for the carnivorous crowd. He amps up his butternut squash soup with brown sugar-cured beef, caviar and chervil.

    448 Brannan Street; 415-495-1111

  • Credit: Margaux Axelrod

    Cream of Tomato Soup at Starbelly

    The cold tomato gazpacho has just undergone a seasonal switch: in its place, look for this warm and comforting cream of Early Girl tomato soup. An aged cheddar grilled cheese on the side is optional.

    3583 16th Street; 415-252-7500

  • Credit: Sophina Uong

    NOLA Old Sober Soup at Picán

    Chef Sophina Uong offers a thoughtful hangover cure on her Sunday brunch menu. Smoked oxtail and beef brisket share space in the bowl with spaghetti, a hard cooked egg, hot sauce and soy sauce.

    2295 Broadway, Oakland; 510-834-1000

  • Spiced Pumpkin Soup at La Folie

    Roland Passot is currently offering an autumnal soup that is deceptively dessert-like. Spiced pumpkin puree mingles with wild mushrooms and truffle puree, accompanied by a a vanilla port marshmallow.

    2316 Polk Street; 415-776-5577