4 Standout Dishes From Sparrow's New Chef

By Carolyn Alburger  |  August 25, 2014

About a year after opening in Upper Haight, Sparrow Bar & Kitchen brings on Michael Goldfarb (Spruce, Mission Beach Cafe), a new executive chef whose dishes are solidly taking the restaurant to the next level. From the start, Sparrow bettered the neighborhood with its expansive heated back patio, clean-lined decor and well-curated beer and wine list. Now Goldfarb's new American dishes are slowly but surely turning the restaurant into the total package. Here's a look at four stand-out menu items you've got to order on your next visit — and you definitely should visit. 


1. Kale Salad

This grilled kale salad brings balanced flavors and textures to the plate. The slightly smoky greens meet sweet strawberries, salty rosemary-laced ricotta, toasted quinoa and hazelnuts. It's addictive and healthy — an instant classic that puts many other trend-chasing kale salads to shame. 


2. Short Rib

You'd never think carrots could upstage beef. But this buttery vanilla-laced log cabin of veg almost outdoes its short rib foundation. Thankfully, the fall-apart tender meat, bright pea cream and al dente spaetzle make for an entirely satisfying main course.  


3. Scotch Egg

This refined take on the English pub staple wraps a beautifully soft-boiled and bacon wrapped egg in a delicate layer of golden-fried batter. The New Orleans-style hollondaise on the side adds kicky depth to each bite. 


4. Chocolate Cake

Ubiquitous as it may be, lava cake is almost impossible to dislike. At Sparrow, this round little mound is just as oozy and warm as you want it to be, served with a quenelle of dairy free banana "ice cream."

All photos by Carolyn Alburger