Where to Eat After Midnight in San Francisco

By Tamara Palmer | January 14, 2014 By Tamara Palmer  |  January 14, 2014
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San Francisco has a reputation for being a city that goes to bed early, with only tumbleweeds to eat after midnight. But good food doesn't have to be sacrificed because of the clock. Check out this list of late-night offerings, which includes some of our favorite new hot spots, and share your own go-to spots in the comments.

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    New York dining sensations April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman recently reinvented this classic cafe in almost every way, but they were smart to preserve the haunt's long-standing late-night hours. You can order food until 1 AM every night of the week save for Monday.

    What to order: Bucatini with smoked pancetta, mussels, tomato and coriander; guanciale meatballs

    242 Columbus Ave.; 415-986-9651

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    Alta CA

    Daniel Patterson's latest dining affair brings a touch of casual elegance to a stretch of Market Street that needs it, staying open until 1:30 AM to give the neighborhood an alternative to scorched coffee and old donuts.

    What to order: Yoni's pastrami with mustard, cracked wheat porridge with hen of the woods mushrooms and baby turnip

    1420 Market St.; 415-590-2585

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    Still off the mainstream dining radar, the spot colloquially known as "the chicken garage" is a secret of late-night hospitality industry workers, who can get off of work and still get some snacks until 2 AM nightly.

    What to order: Korean chicken wings, seafood pancake

    3814 Noriega Ave.; 415-731-0232

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    Slide in by 1:30 AM, just in time for last call for food at this funky Japanese sushi bar, which features live DJs. 

    What to order: Deep-fried oysters, big-eye red-tuna nigiri

    619 Taylor St.; 415-775-1028

  • Delarosa

    Leave the Marina bars for the frat boys - there are good bites to be had in this ’hood after midnight, and none of them relive college traumas. Meanwhile, the bar's creative cocktails help you get tipsy - in a very grown-up way, of course.

    What to order: Dungeness crab arancini, Margherita pizza with burrata

    2175 Chestnut St.; 415-673-7100

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    El Farolito

    There is a school of thought suggesting that burritos are meant to be consumed after-hours to soak up the booze, which is why this revered mini-chain stays open until 2:30 AM on weeknights and 3:30 AM on weekends.

    What to order: Shrimp super burrito with lengua, torta Mexicana with steak

    2950 24th St.; 415-641-0758

  • Golden Boy Pizza

    Across town in North Beach, the post-bar crowds stream to the take-out window here, which stays open until 2:30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. The big, square slices of pizza are unscientifically proven to take the edge off morning hangovers.

    What to order: Clam and garlic pizza, pepperoni pizza

    542 Green St.; 415-982-9738

  • Sauce

    Daily operating hours until 2 AM provide great relief to what would otherwise be a vast food desert in Hayes Valley after midnight, particularly on weekdays.

    What to order: Horseradish shrimp, pot roast

    131 Gough St.; 415-252-1369

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