Turducken and 7 More Stuffed Foods

By Tamara Palmer  |  November 12, 2013
Credit: 4505 Meats

Now that Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, it is officially the season of turducken, that poultry triple threat consisting of a turkey stuffed with a chicken that's been stuffed with a duck. In honor of the arrival of this wonder bird, it's time to take a look at stuffed foods to indulge in during this holiday season. Check out these foods-within-foods below.

  • Kryptonite at Ike's Place

    Ike's is the king of stuffed sandwiches, and with six meats and lots of extras, this is the Superman of them all. It's got corned beef, roast beef, pastrami, ham, salami and turkey, all layered with avocado, bacon, beer-battered onion rings, extra pepper Jack cheese, mozzarella sticks, pesto and jalapeño poppers.

    3489 16th St.; 415-553-6888

  • Credit: Tamara Palmer

    Pittsburgh-Style Sandwiches at Giordano Bros.

    All sandwiches here come stuffed with french fries. It's an homage to Primanti Brothers, a Pittsburgh-based shop that has long been an institution in that city. The result is efficient eating, since you were probably tempted to have fries on the side anyway.

    3108 16th St.; 415-437-2767

  • Credit: 4505 Meats

    The Grand Turducken at 4505 Meats

    Ryan Farr stuffs his BN Ranch turkeys with chicken and duck and puts it all on a bed of root vegetables. It serves 25-30 people and is available for order now to pick up between November 25-27 at a cost of $380.

    1909 Mission St.; 415-525-4239


  • Credit: Flickr/gnaihc

    The Rebel Within at Craftsman + Wolves

    This scotch egg-style treat carries a poached egg inside a bacon, cheese and scallion muffin. It's served with the yolk still runny, but toast it up and it becomes a whole other taste sensation to experience.

    746 Valencia St.; 415-913-7713

  • Kufteh Meatballs at Zaré at Fly Trap

    Every Saturday, the Trap cooks up a Persian-inspired stuffed meatball that's intended to serve the whole table. The filling changes each week, including options such as this whole-roasted chicken.

    606 Folsom St.; 415-243-0580

  • Mac 'n' Cheese Grilled Cheese at American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

    The American does offer basic grilled cheese sandwiches but really prefers to walk on the wild side. This one is a great example and a wonderful problem-solver for those who may be torn between having a sandwich and a plate of pasta.

    2400 Harrison St.; 415-926-5076

  • Mac Daddy at The Melt

    Not to be outdone in the grilled cheese marketplace, the Melt also has a version of the mac-'n'-cheese-stuffed grilled cheese sandwich. This one uses aged white cheddar on the bread and over the noodles.

    345 Spear St.; 415-813-6075

  • Ascolane at Barbacco

    These fried olives contain a hidden surprise. Make sure your vegetarian friends don't bite into one of these, for there's a small amount of beef short rib inside.

    220 California St.; 415-955-1919