$10 Lunch: Bongo's Jerk Chicken

By Leslie Kelly  |  July 22, 2014
Credit: Claire Nelson

Simply put, Bongo's jerk chicken is the best in Seattle. Not to mention, it's a steal. Get it on a combo plate or tucked into a sandwich for under $10. 

The details: Chef-owner Dan Baird spent years living in the Caribbean, and picked up this recipe from a woman he met in Trinidad. It gets its heat from cayenne instead of the traditional wicked-hot Scotch bonnet pepper. The skin holds a great big blast of flavor, its nicely charred surface giving way to juicy, boneless thigh meat. If you want to stoke the fire, lob on some of Baird's house-made sauce, made with 19 top-secret ingredients. On the side, slightly sweet mango-spiked slaw and tender plantain keep you from breaking a sweat. Then there are Cuban-style black beans and rice, in case you were worried it wasn't enough food. 

The vibe: A friendly place that's got a beach-themed patio complete with sand and grass-thatched umbrellas. A recently added wooden fence blocks the traffic on Aurora.

Drink this: $4 bottled beers include Dos Equis, Longboard and Red Stripe. We know this sounds like a happy hour deal. But that's the price all day long.