4 Great Restaurants to Hit Up in Little Saigon

By Leslie Kelly  |  August 21, 2014
Credit: Allan Alabastro Photography

Little Saigon might not get the foot traffic of the International District's busy Chinatown, but it's worth making the trip to this section of the neighborhood, that's home to great shopping and restaurants.  Here are a few of our faves.

1) Ten Leaves Bistro

One of the newest restaurants in the neighborhood, this stylish spot goes beyond pho by serving congee topped with chicken, pork or seafood, and the option to roll your own... spring rolls. 

2) Huong Binh

This friendly place is famous for its Bún bò Huế, the super spicy noodle soup, pictured, that's said to cure the worst hangovers. 

3) Tamarind Tree 

A super-popular venue with an inviting outdoor patio, the kitchen is famous for its seven courses of beef, but save room for a dish of green tea ice cream.

4) Vietnam House

Don't miss Com Tam Thit Nuong, broken rice with grilled pork and a fried egg on top at this no-frills cafe.