5 Hot Spots for Ramen in SEA

By Leslie Kelly  |  February 7, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

Seattle's ramen craze shows no sign of dying down. Here are the five best places to capture the zeitgeist. 

TanakaSan's latest version of roasted pork bone broth (No. 3) is finished with koji miso, savoy cabbage, bean sprouts and - wait, what? - smoked kielbasa. Way to play with your food, TanakaSan. Diners can order straight noodles or wavy. 2121 Sixth Ave; 206-812-8412

Ramen Man is a teeny place with a line out the door for its big bowls full of deceptively filling skinny noodles. We love that you can add as many hard-boiled eggs as you like. 1616 N 45th St; 206-258-2959

Samurai Noodle offers three types of ramen: thin wheat, thick egg or konnyaku and 13 different broth options, including several vegan choices. Try it out at one of three locations: International District (606 Fifth Ave S; 206-624-9321), Capitol Hill (412 Broadway E; 206-323-7991) or the U-District (4138 University Way NE; 206-547-1774), which offers delivery.

4649 offers its largest selection of ramen at lunch. Choose from elegant shiso, miso or spicy miso broth. Your tab can skyrocket if you add all the extras like a soft-cooked egg, mushrooms and the locally made Rob's Noodles, each priced at $1 or $2. But the flavors are well worth the price tag. 1913 N 45th St.; 206-547-4649

Aloha Ramen recently relocated from Greenwood to Lake City, serving up traditional ramen as well as a Hawaiian take on the dish, featuring Kalua-pulled pork. 3004 NE 127th St.

Important note: before you visit any of the above watch this video to ease any slurping anxiety.