6 Soups To Help Kill the Chill

By Leslie Kelly | December 5, 2013 By Leslie Kelly  |  December 5, 2013
Photo by: Leslie Kelly

Baby, it's cold outside. From ramen to ribollita and beyond, these warming soups should help ease the big chill.

  • Photo by: Leslie Kelly

    Manhattan clam chowder at Taylor Shellfish

    Sure, we love to slurp oysters by the dozen at this bivalve haven, but when the temps dip below freezing, a cup of chowder is a must. This isn't your garden variety chowder, but a Manhattan style loaded with chunks of potato and slightly chewy bits of geoduck clam. Thick and satisfying, this dish is made for the shop by the beloved Xinh's in Shelton, not far from the inlet where those giant clams grow. 

    1521 Melrose Ave.; 206-501-4321

  • Photo by: Leslie Kelly

    Ramen at Revel

    Ramen's on the menu just during the cold weather months, and then only during weekend brunch, so it's easy to forget that it's available. But this rich, robust bowl full is worthy of a special trip. Mmm, pork belly and kimchi.  

    403 N 36th St.; 206-547-2040

  • Photo by: Leslie Kelly

    Vegan or New England chowder at Pike Place Chowder

    Tourists and locals line up for the award-winning soups at this seafooder, including a terrific vegan version made with lime and coconut milk. We crave the thick, classic New England, no matter what the weather's doing, but it really hits the hot spot when winter blows in.

    1530 Post Alley; 206-267-2537

  • Photo by: Leslie Kelly

    Ribollita at The Walrus and The Carpenter

    The Walrus and The Carpenter is pretty seafood-centric except when it comes to the rich Ribollita, the beefy bread soup topped with Parm and popped in the oven until bubbly hot.

    4743 Ballard Ave. NW; 206-395-9227

  • Photo by: Courtesy of The Pink Door

    Cioppino at The Pink Door

    This shellfish lover's soup has been on the menu since forever at The Pink Door, and it's easy to understand why. It's a big bowl packed full of prawns, mussels and clams, as well as chunks of salmon in a tomato-infused broth. It might look like a whole lot, but this deeply flavored dish disappears in a flash.

    1919 Post Alley; 206-443-3241

  • Photo by: Leslie Kelly

    Black bean soup at Salumi

    The charcuterie pioneer might be famous for its incredible sandwiches, but the rotating selection of soup should not be overlooked. Selections such as a black bean topped with pesto are homey and seasoned just right. Want to double your enjoyment? Go ahead and dunk your sandwich in those bowls. Win-win.  

    309 3rd Ave.; 206-621-8772

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