8 Insanely Good Hot Dogs to Try Around Seattle

By Leslie Kelly  |  June 16, 2014
Credit: Claire Nelson

Our Best Summer Ever coverage continues with a red-hot roundup of Seattle's best hot dogs, a collection that includes spot-on tributes to Chicago, the city's coolest meat-free frank and a couple that might require a knife and fork. Here are eight great hot dogs you shouldn't miss.

  • Credit: Leslie Kelly

    Radiator Whiskey

    Nobody quite knows how cream cheese became the driving force behind Seattle's signature dog. The heat of the frank transforms the cream cheese into a velvety goo that brightens the richness of the hot dog. It just works, and Radiator Whiskey's take is spot-on. Price: $8; 94 Pike St.; 206-467-4268

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Gourmet Dog Japon

    Buried in an avalanche of teriyaki-caramelized onions, toasted nori, shredded carrots and squiggles of Kewpie mayo, the spicy kielbasa shines through on this cart's best-selling Matsuri dog. There's a whole lot of umami going on, and the crunch of the toasted seaweed and the shredded veggies provide a refreshing contrast to the salt and spice. Price: $5.25

  • Blazing Bagels

    Like a pup-in-a-blanket, but better, the Bagel Dog is genius because you do not have to worry about a bun fail. These sturdy sandwiches come in various flavors including a bacon-cheddar-topped version. The dog is 100% nitrate-free. Price: $5.89; 1250 First Ave. S.; 206-664-3188

  • Dog in the Park

    It's the little details that make this place in the heart of Downtown stand out. The hot dog is split down the middle, grilled on the flat-top and placed in a toasted bun. The friendly staff will ask if you'd like sautéed veggies on top. It all adds up to a pretty amazing little dog, especially for the $4 price tag. 1520 Fourth Ave.; 206-254-0943

  • Hot Dog King

    You can catch the savory scent wafting from this popular cart Downtown on most weekdays. It also makes regular appearances at the Triangle Pub on Game Days. Franks are grilled to order and wear some offbeat toppings like pulled pork. Go for the Angry Mariner, a spicy frank paired up with onions and sweet hot peppers. Price: $5; 400 Westlake Ave. N.; 206-327-4847

  • Benito's

    Chicago native Benjamin Kulikowski has done his hometown proud with this wonderfully messy dog. Along with the classic neon green relish, tomatoes and peppers, he takes a detour to the Southside by swapping out sliced cukes for dill spears. A sprinkle of the requisite celery salt and you might be tempted to bust out singing "Chicago" at this Ballard cafe. But please try not to do that. Price: $8; 6201 15th Ave. NW; 206-420-7032

  • Safeco Field

    Sure, the straight-up Mariners Dog is a fine stadium snack, but — big surprise — The Safe serves our favorite veggie dog in the city. The Field Roast Frankfurter was created especially for the ballpark's wildly diverse concessions. Unlike most faux meat products, these franks are downright juicy. They can be ordered plain but we prefer the Ichiban, served with teriyaki glazed onions, a sprinkle of grated daikon and carrot, shredded nori and a squiggle of a creamy dressing on top. Price: $7; 1250 First Ave. S.; 206-346-4000

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Po Dogs

    This dog-driven chainlet, with locations on Capitol Hill and in Ballard, has a ginormous list of toppings to customize its Hebrew National all-beef franks. You can also get your link bacon-wrapped or deep-fried. We go for the belt-busting Dub-T, covered in cheese sauce and crushed potatoes. Price: $7; 1009 E. Union St.; 206-325-6055