Beer and Sandwiches Are Big at Mammoth

By Leslie Kelly  |  January 2, 2015
Credit: Paola Thomas

Mammoth might feature a menu filled with prehistoric names — sandwiches like The Mastadon and another named Neanderthal — but the vibe at this just-launched cafe on Eastlake is 100% modern. The window-lined space is brilliant with its white-tile accents and stainless-steel bar, reflecting the light in a mood-elevating way. Here's a peek at a few menu mainstays.

Craft beer rules here, with 48 taps featuring local and far-flung IPAs, stouts, sour beers, even lagers. It's a growler fan's dream come true, as the bar was set up to fill those to-go bottles, no prob. For the kiddos, there are housemade sodas including root beer and lemon-lime.

The sandwich lineup reads as if it were created over several rounds of drinks, with flavor-packed ingredients partnered up in unusual combinations, all bearing names that will make you smile when placing your order. The Neanderthal is a glorified BLT, with pickled red onions tossed in a mix that starts with pork belly and ends with a generous smear of aïoli. A quick glance around the dining room might reveal a lot of Caveman love, as that sandwich is stacked high with meatballs and salami. If you don't see a combo that speaks to you, there's also an option to build your own. All sandwiches are served with housemade chips.  

Salads can include any of the veggie and cheese toppings available for sandwiches, built on a choice of shredded iceberg, romaine or arugula. There are meaty add-ons too, including the smoky pork from sister restaurant Bitterroot. 

Mammoth is open daily for lunch and dinner. 2501 Eastlake Ave. E.; 206-946-1065

Photos by Paola Thomas