The 8 Biggest Hunks of Meat in Seattle

By Leslie Kelly  |  March 10, 2014
Credit: Scott Eklund

From dramatic bone-in cuts of beef to full-on pig roasts, meat portions that are fit for a linebaker are on the rise in Seattle. Here's a guide to the 8 Biggest Hunks of Meat around town, complete with our favorite side dishes or drinks to go with each one.  

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Blackened prime rib at Metropolitan Grill

    How Big: 24 ounces
    Juicy Details: This landmark steakhouse famously dry ages every slab of beef to develop flavor and tenderness. This blackened cut is slow roasted, carved, seasoned with a mix of peppers and then seared before serving.
    Side Dish: The cedar plank roasted wild mushrooms have an earthy flavor that stands up to the assertive seasonings of the prime rib.
    The Damage: $50

    820 Second Ave.; 206-624-3287

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    SkyCity's Tomahawk Chop

    How Big: 32 ounces
    Juicy Details: A bone-in American Kobe beef rib-eye from Snake River Farms
    Side Dish: The Space Needle's revolving restaurant makes an elevated chowder with razor clams and peppered bacon.
    The Damage: $85
    400 Broad St.; 206-905-2100

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Roast chicken Cafe Presse

    How Big: Whole bird, feeds at least two
    Juicy Details: Roasted to order, this juicy chicken with simply seasoned, crispy skin is well worth the 60-minute wait.
    Side Dish: If you're up for a double shot of poultry while the bird roasts, start with the velvety Gâteau aux foies de volailles, chicken liver parfait accompanied by a tart cherry compote.
    The Damage: $28, including frites
    1117 12th Ave.; 206-709-7674

  • Credit: Leslie Kelly

    Lamb shank at Lola

    How Big: Varies, but easily over one pound
    Juicy Details: The hefty shank is braised and finished in a tagine in the oven, served with gigante beans, wild mushrooms, roasted shallots and a sprinkle of chives on top.
    Side Dish: Don't miss the smashed, fried potatoes. The Alexakis Syrah Kotsifali blend from Greece is a perfect wine pairing for the Mediterranean flavors.
    The Damage: $36
    2000 Fourth Ave.; 206-441-1430

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Bar Sajor's Chuletón de Buey

    How Big: Varies, but around 16 ounces
    Juicy Details: Matt Dillon's flame-kissed, Basque-style steak is meant to be shared by two people. 
    Side Dish: The outstanding, buttery salmon, cured in honey makes a great starter.
    The Damage: $50, which includes a small bottle of Spanish hard cider.
    323 Occidental Ave. S.; 206-682-1117

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Bone-in rib-eye Daniel's Broiler

    How Big: 32 ounces 
    Juicy Details: Prime grade steak is the standby at this local steakhouse chain because the meat is extra juicy. Top it with bernaise.
    Side Dish: A wedge salad with Maytag blue and bacon crumbles is the perfect prelude to this classic chunk of beef.
    The Damage: $62
    809 Fairview Pl. N.; 206-621-8262

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Radiator Whiskey's Beast Feast

    How Big: A whole pig that weighs in at 50 pounds, plus assorted sides
    Juicy Details: This spectacular spread is served to one large party of up to 20 just once a week - on Wednesdays - and is sold out through August. To get a smoky sneak preview, order the half a pig head that comes with crispy ears and sauteed tongue and is easily enough for four people. 
    Side Dish: Whet your appetite with one of the dozens of top-shelf bourbons, whiskeys or hard-to-find scotch, on the rocks, neat or in a clever cocktail.
    The Damage: $300
    94 Pike St.; 206-467-4268

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Red Cow bone-in rib-eye for two

    How Big: 42-48 ounces
    Juicy Details: This huge hunk of beef comes from Double R Ranch in Okanagon and is skillfully grilled and served sliced, alongside assorted sauces - red wine reduction, horseradish cream, bernaise, herb-butter - and some of the best frites in the 206. They're crispy and thin with a great potato taste.
    Side Dish: Gorgeously caramelized roasted Brussels sprouts get an extra rich blast from bits of bacon.
    The Damage: $75
    1423 34th Ave.; 206-454-7932