Boozy Shave Ice, Fried Chicken Buns and More New Must-Try Dishes at Bloom

By Leslie Kelly  |  August 18, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

Bloom Restaurant just celebrated its first anniversary, and chef Jason Harris marked the occasion by introducing some awesome new dishes to the menu. 

Fried chicken Tsukune buns 

These two-bite wonders are inspired by David Chang's steamed buns at Momofuku Ssam Bar in New York City, the savory fried chicken meatball is seasoned with ginger and garlic, Kewpie mayo, green onion and pickled ginger on top. They're $2.50 each and you're going to want at least two.

Nasu Fried Eggplant 

This slender Japanese eggplant takes on a meaty flavor when scored and fried until nicely caramelized. A slightly sweet miso sauce is lick-the-plate tasty, with beautiful match sticks of radish adding a welcome crunch and fresh spice. This starter is $3.50.

Shoyu Ramen

This dashi broth-driven dish gets its rich flavor from bonito flakes infused in tamari, a process that highlights the smokiness of those dried and cured fish flakes, not the fishiness. There's an option to swap out the pork belly for tofu, but why would you? Marinated eggs, shiitake mushrooms, grilled onions and nori fill out this awesome bowl. The wavy Sun Noodle ramen is cooked just right.

Shave Ice Cocktails

While we were so tempted to try the Hello Kitty cocktail (Moonstone plum sake, yogurt liqueur, Cointreau and cinnamon), the summer temps scream for shave ice cocktails. Don't miss the spicy cucumber, with muddled Serrano peppers, gin and simple syrup. It's super chill, and only $5 during happy hour, from 5-6 PM Tuesday through Sunday, $8 on the regular menu. And you've got to love a drink with a paper umbrella, right?