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Coming Soon, For Real: Jinya Ramen

By Leslie Kelly  |  February 27, 2014
Credit: Jasmine Lee Richardson

Jinya, the LA-based ramen chain with locations in New York, Las Vegas and Vancouver - that critic Jonathan Gold has showered with praise - is such a tease. The popular ramen shop has been promising to "open soon" at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue since last fall yet even mall officials have been kept in the dark about the official opening date. Yesterday, we reached someone in the home office in Southern California to find that - if the space passes the standard inspections - the kitchen should be cranking out steamy bowls of slurp-able noodles by the middle of March. Really. 

The menu will feature various renditions of tonkotsu, the rich, creamy pork broth, including a spicy version. There will also be chicken and veggie ramen options. All can be customized by adding embellishments from a long list, including garlic, butter, green onions, spicy bean sprouts, seasoned eggs, seaweed and much more. There will also be non-soup fare such as gyzoa, tempura and a long list of sushi rolls. An exact opening date should be revealed very soon, so do check back for updates.