Top Sangria in Seattle

By Leslie Kelly  |  July 17, 2014
Credit: Andrea Chapman

Hot enough for you? We don't mind the summer heat as long as there's cooling sangria to be found around town. This seasonal drink usually contains a base of wine and a splash of booze, often finished with fresh fruit and a float of bubbly. Here are some top places to find it.

Sun Liquor

This Capitol Hill neighborhood joint serves sangria year-round, but there's a second option we dig during the warm weather months. It's made with dry rose, brandy, fresh squeezed grapefruit and OJ and served with brandied cherries, citrus slices and a sparkling wine topper. During cooler months, go for the traditional version, based on a family recipe from Sun Liquor's head distiller, Erik Carlson: a gorgeous glass of Spanish red wine, brandy, orange curaçao, fresh squeezed orange and pineapple juice. It also gets a tart pop from lemon and lime slices and is topped with champagne and a brandied cherry.

tallulahs sangria


The beloved cafe does a pretty-in-pink Pinot noir sangria special, pictured above, that gets its tipsy power from brandy-soaked fruit and it's zing from a squeeze of fresh lemon on top. It's tarter than your average sangria, so it's great for those who think the average sip is too sweet. 


While some bartenders turn their nose up at sangria, one of the city's hottest cocktail shakers, Jamie Boudreau, is happy to mix up a batch.  He builds a sangria blanc from a dry Italian white wine from Tintero, mixing it with St. Germaine, a splash of vodka or gin, sliced citrus and seasonal fruit. Each batch comes out in a carafe that's poured into Collins glasses, a fun, sophisticated twist. 

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