The First Food Shots From Nacho Borracho

By Leslie Kelly  |  February 21, 2014
Credit: Scott Eklund

Kate Opatz and Rachel Marshall are on fire, and last night they opened Nacho Borracho to a slam-packed house. The pair behind the crazy-busy Montana Bar dreamed up this super-casual spot, no doubt over some strong cocktails. Everybody's welcome, of course, but it's a perfect playpen for industry types of late and looking for amped-up junk food with a twist. The lineup - including the loaded Sonoran Dog, pictured here - hits that mark using quality ingredients. Everything tastes fresh and vibrant, holding up to the lineup of frozen drinks and a wide range of beer on tap. Just don't expect your server to mention that the "local" tater tots come from Idaho. Brunch will start soon. 209 Broadway E.

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    The signature dish is loaded with seasoned ground beef, housemade cheese sauce, sliced black olives, jalapeños and tomatoes. It's a lot like the nachos you might make at home, but the tortilla chips don't get soggy. 

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Give into the brain freeze that's bound to accompany a frozen, slushie version of a Moscow Mule, made with Rachel's Ginger Beer, a citrusy tart brew that helped fuel** this whole enterprise.

    **Owner Rachel Marshall launched her ginger beer company several years ago and opened a soda shop in Pike Place Market late last year.

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Wings seem to be everywhere, but these drumsticks go in a whole new direction. Each bite is sticky sweet - thanks to molasses - and peppery at the same time. The wings are baked, then tossed in the sauce, and they might just outfly Seattle's best. 

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Flautas are a lot like taquitos, only slightly larger. This version is stuffed with spicy beef and served with cheese on the top and salsa on the side. This is finger food at its best, so ask for extra napkins.

  • Credit: Scott Eklund

    Trying to eat clean? Well, you're in the wrong place, but there is a salad served in a flour-tortilla bowl. The kitchen will bring you some extra guacamole if you ask nicely.