Visit Salumi Without The Lines

By Leslie Kelly  |  March 10, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

When the Twitter feed for Seattle's most famous sandwich shop says "Noon Thursday no line," we see it as a call to action. Much of the year, the line for Salumi - the tiny shop started in 1999 by Armandino Batali - is out the door and down the block. Although lines could form at any moment, the brief window of time when Seattle dwellers can attempt to breeze in and simply pick up a sandwich begins after the holidays and should continue until May. "Other than spring break, it's generally quiet on rainy days, and January through April. Except Fridays. They are busy year round," said current co-owner Gina Batali (who inherited the business from her father in 2007).

When you do get to the counter, branch out beyond the best-selling porchetta, and order the hot soppressata with fresh mozzarella, roasted sweet peppers and onions on top (pictured). The perfectly rustic Macrina Bakery rolls are painted with a garlicky olive oil that brings out the spices. Right now you can also try out Argumi, a seasonal winter salami cured with citrus and cardamom. And on this coming Tuesday (March 11), look out for the tender, house-made gnocchi. Want to ensure no lines, 100 percent? There is a way: place a take-out order that morning and if there's a line when you arrive you can skip right to the front. Visit Salumi from 11 AM to 3 PM Tuesday through Friday. 309 Third Ave S; 206-621-8772