Get Happy Chomping on RockCreek's Sardine Banh Mi

By Leslie Kelly  |  August 20, 2014
Credit: Bruce Miyahara

We're totally hooked on the Monterey Bay sardine banh mi on RockCreek's twice-daily happy hour menu, a flavorful sandwich that was such a hit during family meal that it made the jump to the menu. "We decided to put it on after it became a cult staff favorite," said chef-owner Eric Donnelly. The fish is fried, so it's extra rich. Pickled veggies keep it from going over the top, adding crunch and splashy color. Spicy mayo smeared on a crusty baguette completes this gorgeous picture, which seafood fans might want to order alongside the also awesome fried oyster roll, a jaw-testing treat that's goes surf-and-turf by piling on crispy strips of Nueske's bacon. The oyster roll is $9, while the sardine banh mi goes for $8 during HH from 4-6 PM and 10 PM to midnight every single day of the week.