Best Thing We Ate

Crumble & Flake's Twice-Baked Chocolate Croissant

By Leslie Kelly  |  February 26, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

We've consumed plenty of twice-baked croissants but the new chocolate twice-baked croissant from Crumble & Flake, the tiny bakery on Capitol Hill, is unlike anything else. Pastry whiz Neil Robertson - who was nominated for Best Pastry Chef by the James Beard Foundation last week - recently added this gem to the pastry case. He slices a regular chocolate croissant in half, brushes the inside with coffee syrup, then loads it up with the right amount of pecan cream spiked with a touch of dark rum. Chopped pecans are the crunchy finish before it's reassembled and baked briefly - until the pastry gets toasty. Robinson said he was hoping to create a treat reminiscent of a chocolate chip cookie. Mission accomplished and then some. The twice-baked chocolate croissants are only available on weekdays and if you'd like to score one or three, you better get there early. Crumble & Flake is open 7 AM - 3 PM Wednesday through Friday and it opens at 9 AM on weekends.

1500 E Olive Way; 206-329-1804