Hump Day Happy Hour: Seatown's Boozy High Tea

By Leslie Kelly  |  March 5, 2014
Credit: Herschell Taghap

Tea time is so very proper. But Seatown Seabar is doing what it can to change that. The Pike Place Market location is putting the tipsy into high tea, turning its afternoon happy hour into prime time for snacking with clever cocktails on the side. Tea drinks include the Stephen King-inspired Red Rum, a colorful mix of rum, Campari and Rooibos tea; Earl of Fizz, a twist on the Ramos Gin Fizz infused with Earl Grey tea; and the Seattle Julep, a hot toddy, mint tea version of the classic. 

To keep you going, finger sandwiches come in groups of three. The Farm-to-Table selection features a cucumber sandwich with ricotta, as well as apples tucked into bread with Beecher's Jack and a radish sandwich with chive butter. There's also a seafood sandwich set and another that shines the spotlight on neighboring sister rotisserie Rub with Love Shack - with meaty sandwiches that include roast beef with Oregon blue cheese. The generous portions - priced between $12 and $16 - are meant to be shared by at least two people and include Tim's potato chips and onion dip. Something you're unlikely to spy during tea time at Harrod's in London. Take the "tea" outside, where the views and people watching can be stunning, and they'll fix you up with a blanket. High tea happens between 4 and 6 PM on weekdays.

2010 Western Ave; 206-436-0390