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Killer Deals at Grape Killers Wine Tastings

By Leslie Kelly  |  January 7, 2014

The Grape Killers might sound like the name of a punk band, but it's a group of uber-talented winemakers who all got started in the business around the same time. These days, this not-so-motley crew is known for making some of the best wine in Washington State, and, for that matter, stuff that could easily be called world class. The bottles typically retail for $40 and up.

That's why we're so darned excited about the upcoming Seven Weeks of Grape Killers at Spazzo Italian Grill & Wine Bar in Redmond, where each week one of the seven vintners will be on hand to pour on Wednesdays, their spectacular wines going for $5 a glass on those days. Combine the $5 pours with $5 apps, and that's a killer deal. On Feb. 23, all seven wineries will share the spotlight for a gala tasting. See the full schedule here.

Chris Gorman, from Gorman Winery, is up first, uncorking 2011 vintages of his whimsically named blends, The Pixie (featuring Red Mountain Syrah) and Zackary's Ladder (a Bordeaux blend from various vineyards) on Wednesday, starting at 5 PM. "The Pixie is a new release," Gorman said. "You can't even buy it in the tasting room yet." 

Bottles of the featured wines will be available during this promotion for purchase at the restaurant, to enjoy with dinner or to take home. When you buy bottles of wine, your name is entered into a raffle for tickets to the gala. 

16499 NE 74th St., Redmond; 425-881-4400