Eat Li'l Woody's Grynch Burger While You Can

By Leslie Kelly  |  May 1, 2014

There's nothing small about the burgers at L'il Woody's, the way-popular place with locations in Ballard and on Capitol Hill. This week's featured special is no exception. The Grynch Burger starts with a fat, juicy patty dressed in the signature Ranch-a-que sauce, onion rings, Mama Lil's sweet-hot peppers, Pepper Jack cheese, plenty of mayo and crisp bacon. This awesome combo is a big, slightly messy tribute to Seattle rapper Grynch, who's got a new album called Street LIghts out this week. We love it when food and music converge. (Like the special ice cream flavors Full Tilt has been creating to show some sweet love to Mudhoney: a cinnamon-honey flavor that's so tasty and a work-in-progress Sir Mix-a-Lot ice cream. Oh, and Macklemore using Dick's Drive-In as a stage for a video shoot last summer? So cool.) You've only got a few more days to get in and order this massive flavor bomb burger at L'il Woody's, where it's no surprise that good tunes are always cranked up on the sound system. Grynch fans might want to hit Woody's before going to the album release party Friday at The Crocodile.