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Weekend Brunch Alert: Filipino Dim Sum

By Leslie Kelly  |  October 31, 2013

Judging by the hungry hordes standing on the sidewalk on a Saturday or Sunday, waiting for a table at Jade Garden in the ID, or at the ever-popular Din Tang Fung in Bellevue, dim sum'ing is a weekend tradition for many. While these small plates are traditionally served in Chinese restaurants, there's Isla Manila, a friendly, family-run Filipino restaurant, where the all-you-can-eat buffet comes to your table on roving carts. 

In a low-key dining room in a strip mall near Northgate, the staff makes the rounds spouting colorful descriptions of dishes such as pancit and adobo. Crispy pata are chunks of deep-fried pork belly and don't miss the flavorful sausages. Selections vary daily, with the largest variety showing up on weekends. The one constant are the mighty fine lumpia, the eggroll-like staple starter of this island nation. Tightly wrapped around a filling of ground pork, the cigar-shaped tubes are fried crisp, though they might not be right out of the fryer. The sweet chili sauce on the side brings out the savory seasonings inside.

Like them so much you're craving seconds? Not a problem. Just wait for the cart to come around again. 

11740 15th Ave. NE, 206-365-2500