5 Best Ways to Satisfy the Munchies in Seattle

By Leslie Kelly  |  July 9, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

History was made this week, as Seattle's first retail pot store opened to long lines and loud cheers. One could argue that munchies have never been in such high demand. Of course, this being Seattle, there's no need to reach for a random bag of chips. Here are a few spots where you can satisfy a junk food craving in a very grownup way. 

1) Chips at Aragona

We adore the paper-thin chips at Aragona, pictured, and the salty-crunch explosion they create in your mouth. What really sets this bar staple apart, though, is the drizzle of Spanish wildflower honey on top. Yes, we've seen people licking their fingers while polishing off a plate at happy hour. Oh, wait. That was us.

Babirusa Frito pie

2) Frito Pie at Babirusa

Those silly-in-a-good-way chefs at Babirusa recently added a Frito Pie to the dinner menu, and we're giving a chili-cheese-stained thumbs up to the from-scratch corn chips, chili, cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeños, Fresno chilies and sour cream.

3) Corn Dogs at Brave Horse Tavern

The city's best corn dogs are back at Brave Horse Tavern. Those Rainier beer battered-and-fried Bavarian Meats franks are best dipped into curry ketchup, fiery Sriracha aioli or the spicy-sweet barbecue sauce served on the side.  

Nacho Borracho wings

4) Wings at Nacho Borracho

Just about everything on the menu at Nacho Borracho feeds the munchies need, but the wings are at the top of the heap, combining two dynamite food groups: chicken and hot pepper sauce. 

5) Seasonal Fritter at Mighty O

Mighty O's latest seasonal fritter is made with organic blueberries grown on Mercer Slough Farm, a treat that's bursting with antioxidants. Plus, it's fun to say fritter, right?