Tom Douglas Spills the Beans: Serious Pie Cap Hill

By Leslie Kelly  |  April 2, 2014

Though it was almost a done deal last week, Tom Douglas tells Zagat that he formally signed a lease with Starbucks yesterday, on April 1, for the ground-breaking new project that will include the third Seattle edition of Serious Pie. And while folks were wondering what Douglas would do to fill the nearly 3,000 square foot space in the plan, it's now clear that this Serious Pie will have more than the other Serious Pies. Namely: sandwiches. But this project is full of firsts for Douglas. It's also his official entrée into Capitol Hill - one of the few Seattle neighborhoods that hasn't yet been touched by Douglas' empire. When it opens in the fall, Serious Pie Capitol Hill will be Douglas' 16th restaurant in Seattle. As many of you now know, the new Pie will share the space with a Starbucks roastery, retail store and coffee shop that's a throwback to the coffee giant's humble beginnings.

"I'm very excited about this hybrid," said Douglas, who elaborated that this is the first time he's joined forces with another company, Starbucks, as managing partner. "I've been a fan for a long time," he adds. "I've served Starbucks coffee at all of my restaurants for 30-plus years." The collaboration project apparently grew out of conversations with Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz. "Over the years, we've talked about what we could do together in some cool spaces," said Douglas.

During the evening hours, the Serious Pie kitchen will cross-pollinate the Starbucks coffee house menu, cranking out cheese and charcuterie boards and a selection of Douglas' Dahlia Bakery pastries. Like the renovated Serious Pie on Westlake, the new space will also have a 10-foot bar featuring craft cocktails, beer and wine. Lunch and dinner will be served daily.

In the meantime, there's considerable work to be done on a historic building that was last home to a Mercedes dealership. "We'll get the space as a finished location," Douglas said. While the Starbucks portion of the project aims to be open in August, the target opening date for Serious Pie Capitol Hill is some time in October.