IPA Dessert and 11 Other Star Dishes at Pomerol

By Leslie Kelly  |  July 24, 2014
Credit: Claire Nelson

Pomerol is the latest from CIA-trained chef Vuong Loc and his wife, Tricia, who runs the front of the stylish house. Inside, banquette seating frames a sleek dining room. But angle for a seat at the small bar near the entry, which has a prime view into the open kitchen with its oak-wood fueled, custom-built grill. This state-of-the-art cooking apparatus adds the best kind of caramelized char flavor to the meats and vegetables that pepper Loc's menu. Most dishes have a hint of the French style that pervaded his now-defunct Portage, along with incredible platings and a heavy reverence for Northwest ingredients. Consider us very impressed. Here are the dishes and cocktails you need to try at Pomerol.   

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Coddled egg, foie gras and morels

    Chef's luxe goose liver is a subtle note in this symphony of flavor. Meaty morels meet the foie in their richness and the soft-cooked egg steals the show. Its bright yellow, free-range yolk comes from true barnyard hens at Abundant Acres and its richness creates a sauce that needs to be sopped up with the crunchy toast points served on the side. Its easily the best starter we've had this season.

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Craft cocktails

    Even the short list of signature cocktails bear the touch of the kitchen. For starters, a house-infused tea vodka takes the Arnold Palmer in a boozy direction. Then each sip of the gin-driven Ginger Sensation comes with a bright bit of fresh mint. On the wine list, of course, there are a couple of selections from the Pomerol region of France. But the eclectic collection also includes Northwest greats like a crisp Chardonnay from Array Cellars.

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Wood-grilled octopus

    This chili-rubbed creature is flame-kissed yet perfectly tender, served on an aioli that so feather-light, it seems as if it's been whipped. Just wow.

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Tomato and charred corn salad

    A plate that screams summer, this assortment of tomatoes, charred corn and peppery arugula from Local Roots Farm explodes like Pop Rocks in your mouth — but with the kind of sweet flavors that only vine-ripening in the sun can produce. A bracing, sherry vinaigrette keeps this dish in balance. Otherwise, we'd be tempted to order it for dessert.

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    Green Garbanzo Pakora

    ​The tender green chickpeas that form the foundation of this vegetarian dish are sourced from the Palouse in Eastern Washington. Seasoned with cumin, this satisfying Indian fritter gets a blast of sweet heat from a cayenne pepper-fueled carrot puree. The blanched sea beans add a slight saltiness and extra crunch.

  • Rabbit Four Ways

    A roulade-style rabbit leg is stuffed with spinach and tomatoes while the buttery loin is seared. Belly meat is rolled in fresh bread crumbs and fried and a rustic rillette sits on a crostini, which makes it the best kind of finger food. Go ahead and pick it up. Rest assured, you won't be able to put it down until you polish it off.

  • Credit: Claire Nelson

    IPA Berry Sorbet

    A winning combo of light and super-rich elements, the focus of this meal-ender is the spot-on berry sorbet, which is exotically seasoned with IPA and pineapple weed, also known as wild chamomile. We'd be happy with a scoop of that alone. But the lightly bruleed Italian meringue adds a richness that reminds us of an over-the-top ice cream sundae. Hazelnut crumble and a not-too-sweet berry compote complete the plate.