Taste a Seattle Spin on Ramen Noodles at 4649

By Leslie Kelly  |  February 6, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

Ramen is now getting a Seattle spin at 4649 in Wallingford, which recently introduced new wheat noodles that are made locally by Rob Tallon of Mighty Ramen. Tallon, who affectionately dubs the noodles "Rob's Noodles," gets his wheat from Shepherd's Grain, a cooperative that sources from farmers on the rolling hills of the Palouse in Eastern Washington. But the key to these pin straight beauties is the state-of-the-art noodle making machine he recently purchased from Yoshino Menki Company. Tallon perfected his noodle-making technique based on tons of research and a two-week ramen class he took in LA, taught by instructors from Yamato Noodle, based in the Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku Island in Japan. "They've only taught this class one other time in the U.S. and I had been planning a trip to LA anyway, so this was pretty serendipitous," he said.

At 4649, for $2 extra, you can get Rob's toothsome, authentic-tasting noodles in the ultra-rich, chicken-based shio, miso or spicy miso broth. All are embellished with tender pork, bamboo shoots, beans sprouts and a pretty red crown of shaved sweet pepper. Soft-cooked egg, mushrooms and sweet corn are optional. Tallon said he plans to sell his noodles to more restaurants and have them in some retail outlets by the end of the month. Of course you can also try them out at Mighty Ramen's next pop-up. Check the Facebook page for updates.

1913 N 45th St.; 206-547-4649