12 Seattle Chefs Reveal Their Go-to Caffeine Fixes

By Leslie Kelly  |  February 25, 2014

It takes some very special cups of coffee to keep Seattle kitchens running. And we reached out to a slew of Zagat chef friends to find out which caffeinated beverages keep the city's best culinary minds (and hands) humming from week to week. Here now, Seattle chefs' coffee picks:

Matthew Lewis (Restaurant Roux): "My favorite is a short, 8-oz. Americano or, when extra fuel is needed, a short, quad shot, 12-oz. Americano from Herkimer."

Holly Smith (Cafe Juanita): "I like a dry cappuccino at home in the morning. That and a shot of espresso later at the restaurant, although I am mostly a decaf person now. My favorite coffee place is the Herkimer on Greenwood."

Jason Wilson (Crush, Miller's Guild): "Make mine a double dry macchiato or a double espresso with sparkling water back, depending on my mood. Fonte on First is awesome."

Craig Hetherington (TASTE at Seattle Art Museum): "Ahhh, a double espresso for me please. My favorite is Bar Ferdinand before work."

Renee Erickson (Boat Street Cafe, Walrus & Carpenter, Whale Wins): "An Americano at Vif, if I go out. Otherwise, it's French press at home made with beans ground in my new burr grinder."

Eric Hellner (Metropolitan Grill): "I don’t drink a lot of coffee anymore, but if I do, I have four shots of espresso with a touch of hot water added at the restaurant. Maybe not a true Americano, but I guess that’s what I call it."

Brittany Holmberg (pastry chef, Matt's in the Market): "A double short latte at Caffe Fiore! They're the best!"

Greg Lopez (executive chef, Urbane): "I am a purist. A double shot of espresso is my drink of choice. I think Café D’arte pulls the best in the downtown area but also love Café Ladro for my ‘close-to-work’ fix.  When up on Cap Hill, I make sure that I frequent Urbane’s preferred coffee partner, Victrola Coffee."

Sam Crannell (LloydMartin): "Iced mocha from Le Reve Bakery. Why? Because with one of their chocolate chip cookies, it’s like a time machine back to being 5 years old and eating cookies and chocolate milk.”

Maria Hines (Maria Hines Restaurants): "Cafe Fiore's organic Americano."

Tom Douglas (Tom Douglas Restaurants): "Short Americano, no cream, at Assembly Hall."

Thierry Rautureau (LUC, Loulay): "I love to get a Vietnamese coffee with the condensed milk when I pick up a sandwich at Saigon Deli."