Where to Find: Sinfully Good Deviled Eggs

By Leslie Kelly  |  October 29, 2013

This picnic staple has undergone a dramatic makeover in the hands of talented chefs. Here are a few you've just got to try.

  • Credit: Leslie Kelly

    Bacon and eggs are the most natural combo in the world, right? The crumbles on top of the heavenly deviled eggs at Brave Horse Tavern just seems so right. Snack away while sipping on a craft beer from the long lineup of ever-changing micros. 

  • Credit: Leslie Kelly

    These beauties could fall into the surf 'n' turf category at John Howie's Seastar, as crab, salmon or ahi tuna makes for a dramatic finishing touch on the creamy filled eggs. They taste as good as they look, and that's saying a lot.

  • Credit: Leslie Kelly

    They're not always on the ever-changing menu at Tamara Murphy's beautiful Terra Plata, but when they appear, these deviled duck eggs are truly special. With all the extras on top - tiny radishes, graceful chives - and herb-driven garnishes anchoring the incredible eggs artfully on the plate, the presentation is wow-worthy. You might be tempted to double your order and call it dinner.

  • Those pretty eggs at Matt's in the Market might just be a vehicle to transport the hunks of Dungeness crab into your watering mouth, but when the whole thing hits the palate, magic happens. The clever kitchen crew at this Pike Place Market destination dining spot was onto the whole deviled egg revival from the start, so they get extra brownie points.

  • Credit: Rob Sumner

    Know what makes a great companion to an old-fashioned cocktail hour? The classic deviled eggs at E. Smith Mercantile's Back Bar, where they toss in a crunchy complement of fried onions - an inspired pairing.