Sneak Peek: Andra Loft Bar From Tom Douglas Opens Next Week

By Leslie Kelly  |  June 30, 2014
Credit: Leslie Kelly

Tom Douglas threw an open house for Hot Stove Society — his new cooking school — late last week, and it included a sneak peek at Andra Loft, the adjoining lounge that's sure to be a hot spot for students to debrief after class when it opens next week. We were impressed with the Swedish bites and the cocktails.

The gist: Set on the mezzanine overlooking the lobby of the Andra, this cozy spot is within an ice cube's toss of Lola's often way-packed bar, making the one-two punch the booziest corner in Downtown Seattle.

Eat this: We're a sucker for Swedish meatballs, and this blend of pork and beef is seasoned with allspice and mace and decked out in your choice of accompaniments, including a coriander cream with tarragon salt and pistachios or the traditional gravy and lingonberries. Cured sockeye salmon is spot-on, served with anise bread and rye crackers by the talented team at Douglas' Dahlia Bakery. Bristol Bay salmon gravlax on crispy potato pancakes, juniper-smoked venison and a kippered black cod are novel preparations that pay homage to the city's early Scandinavian settlers, but in a fresh, modern way.

Drink this: Ya, sure, ya betcha, there's a Scandinavian tiki drink made with ginger aquavit, orgeat and Swedish punsch, a liqueur that's often compared to rum because it's made with cane sugar. We love the all-Ballard beer selection on tap, featuring some of our faves from Reuben's Brews, NW Peaks, Stoup and Populuxe, but there are also bottled imports from Norway; it's quite possibly the only place to sip Nøgne ø beer in the city. We look forward to the arrival of glögg for the winter holidays!