Should Alinea Ban Kids? Your Verdict Revealed

By Kelly Dobkin  |  January 15, 2014

Yesterday, we polled you on whether or not fancy restaurants should ban children under a certain age, after Chicago chef Grant Achatz sent out a tweet on Saturday night pondering the idea for his restaurant Alinea. The responses were varied and of course, full of strongly-worded opinions. We rounded up all the comments via Facebook, Twitter and our original post and below are the results:

  • Limit the hours in which when kids can dine there: 5 votes
  • Allow them if they are well-behaved: 4 votes
  • No way, kids should be able to eat anywhere: 2 votes
  • Ban them completely: 10 votes
  • No ban, but parents should know better: 3 votes


Your Verdict: Ban 'em!! But first check out some of the funniest Twitter responses in the slide show below.

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