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Spotted Pig Team Takes Over SF's Lusty Lady

By Kelly Dobkin  |  January 2, 2014

Spotted Pig/John Dory/Tosca Cafe masterminds Ken Friedman and chef April Bloomfield are taking over yet another venue in SF and well, it's a former strip club. The seedy Lusty Lady space in North Beach, which closed last August, will be the new home of a cocktail bar with bar snacks made by Tosca chef Josh Even. Tosca shares a back wall with Lusty Lady and is right next door, so the takeover is almost like a natural extension of Tosca.

Friedman tells Inside Scoop that the new boite will pay homage to its former tenant: “We’re going to do a cool little bar that hopefully will pay homage to what the Lusty Lady was — the peep show parlor, the wonderful seediness, and the dying breed of seediness. We’re going to try to riff on that.” Expect a dark dive bar-type ambiance downstairs, meanwhile upstairs will have booths available by reservation and will hope to recreate a peep show dynamic. Some ideas being tossed around: "a customer inserts a dollar and then a window opens to reveal a bartender — instead of a stripper." The spot is still unnamed, but look for an opening sometime in the second half of 2014.