Starbucks Will Hire 10,000 Veterans, Donate Profits

By Kelly Dobkin  |  November 6, 2013

Starbucks seems determined to make headlines lately: getting political with the government shutdown by circulating petitions in stores, and launching a campaign where you can "tweet a coffee" at a friend. Today, the coffee giant announced it's going all out to help the veteran labor force. Over the next five years, the gourmet mega-chain will hire 10,000 veterans (and spouses of service members) as a way to help them transition to civilian work. In a press statement CEO Howard Schultz said, “This is, in my view, not charity or philanthropy. But in fact, this is good business. These are highly skilled, highly trained people who have significant leadership capabilities, who will add value to Starbucks.”

Additionally, Starbucks will be turning two of its existing outposts into "community" stores, meaning a fixed amount from each purchase will be given to local nonprofit organizations. [ST via Consumerist] 

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