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By Kelly Dobkin | August 9, 2013 By Kelly Dobkin  |  August 9, 2013

Yet another summer weekend in August is upon us, so how about a little beach reading? Check out the most popular posts of the week below, which provide tips on top ice cream spots and strange snacks as well as where to eat and what to do before summer's over in your town.

  1. Foodie Bucket List: 24 Must-Try Eateries
  2. 9 Killer Late Night Bites Around the U.S.
  3. Bizarre Bites: NYC's 9 Strangest Snacks
  4. 10 Must-Try Ice Cream and Gelato Places in SF
  5. LA's Must-Try Ice Cream and Gelato Spots
  6. 8 Things to Do Before Summer's Over in SF
  7. 7 NYC Deals to Score Before Summer Ends
  8. What to Do Around LA Before Summer Ends
  9. 10 Places to Find Amazing Ice Cream and Gelato in Philadelphia
  10. 12 Things to Do Before Summer's Over in Philly

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