"TipsForJesus" Leaving Obscene Gratuities on Checks

By Kelly Dobkin  |  December 3, 2013

An anonymous group of gratuitous Good Samaritans have been leaving ridiculously large tips on random restaurant tabs across the country, stamped or marked with the tag #tipsforjesus. The renegade tippers have an Instagram account with the same name which has photos of many of the restaurant receipts they have 'blessed.' Whether or not the money left in the tip section is actually being paid seems to be a fact that no journalist has been able to confirm. The Instagram account reads that the group is: "doing the Lords [sic] work, one tip at a time." Mega-tips include $10K tacked on to the tab at Legends of Notre Dame on Oct. 19, $5,000 at the Paris Club in Chicago and more. Check out all the big tips here. [Daily Dot via NPR]